RF Products Active/Passive

RFAR offers a wide selection of RF Passive and Active components to customers for communication market and full wireless solutions for antennas base stations. Some broadband frequency coverage, High Power Splitter 2-3-4 ways, Combiner, Hybrid couplers, Filters, Diplexers, RF High Power Terminations, High Power Attenuators, Bias T, Low Noise Amplifier, Power Amplifier, PIN attenuators, RF Switch SPST to SP6T, phase shifters with standard connectors or custom made in-out connectors.


Since 1972 we have developed VHF and UHF special high power antennas.
Our typical Dipoles, Folded Dipole, Yagi, Log-Periodic, Bi-Conical Omni, Panel, Airborn with other types of antenna, are well known to our customers.
RFAR shares partners’ projects by specifying and defining the RF requirement of the project. Our RF antennas, mechanical and aeronautic experienced engineers design and produce the best performances to meet tough antenna application.

OEM Products/Antenna Develop

During the 4 decade period long we have developed a wide range of antennas, armored, airborne, PCB Panel, high power, Omni Directional, Directional , mostly are tailor-made antenna products that meet the requirements Rapid development, low cost antenna and years of experience are some of the main keys to RFAR success.

About RFAR

RFARRFAR – RF & Antenna Resource is a telecommunications and consultancy company with a unique approach.
We have a track record of producing truly breakthrough results for client companies, mainly located in Israel.
We believe success in business is built on relationships that are founded on trust.
It works because of clear communication and coordination of action, supported by technology.

RFAR practices and technologies are designed to help you with the concerns you face today, and also those you will face in the future.
For three decades we have designed and successfully integrated some of the largest and most technologically challenging Antennas & RF systems deployed anywhere in Israel and the world. You may find it in commercial applications as Cellular Base Stations / GPS / LAN / Satellite and many more, or military Defense application as Airborne Antennas / Interferometer Antennas Array / Naval & Submarines Antennas / Ground Forces.
When you work with RFAR you get a partner that delivers business benefits rapidly. This is achieved by combining world-class skills in the design of computer technologies, business and the coordination of people as they interact. Businesses must be responsive to the short-term demands of the market and the Client.
RFAR helps its clients introduce changes that take care of strategic concerns in tactical timescales.